Hi everyone!

As you probably know, the last two weeks were hard for me, as I got hit by COVID. Before that, I was working on my Kickstarter project and was hoping to finish Patreon content at the end of the month, but as I got (very) ill, everything halted. I managed to prep the Kickstarter and did an encounter, but as you know, I did not manage to do June/July Patreon oneshot.

I am slowly getting better and still planning to release that oneshot – I have nearly completed the map and have most of the text written. In addition to that, I commissioned a cover, and Ayatee already did token art for it. I also plan to unveil the August/September book soon, but as I am recovering, I don’t want to overwork myself and get back ill, so encounters for August will probably both land closer to the end of the month (you may get something else ready soon thanks to Ayatee working on magic items!).

I want to thank you for staying with me during this difficult time (being frank, I do not remember the last time I felt so ill for so long). It really means a lot.



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