Roll20 Adventure Release: Dungeon Crawl – The Sanctuary of Serpents

We are excited to announce the launch of our Dungeon Crawl – The Sanctuary of Serpents on Roll20! Venture into the jungles of Jakatar and uncover the truth behind the kidnappings and stop the cult of Shaska’hs from unleashing unspeakable evil upon the people of Jakatar.

This one-shot dungeon crawl is designed for parties at level 4 (or 7) for 5th edition. With new monsters, thrilling obstacles, and multiple leads to explore, it seamlessly integrates into any jungle-themed adventure as a captivating point of interest.

Key Features:

  • Jungle-Themed Dungeon Crawl: Engage in intense battles or stealthy maneuvers against the cult of Shaska’hs.
  • Gateway to Forgotten Lore: Discover hidden knowledge and stumble upon forgotten secrets in the Sanctuary of Serpents.
  • Setting Agnostic: Easily incorporate the Sanctuary into any fantasy world with a jungle setting.
  • Exciting Contents: Enjoy two fully illustrated maps, four new monsters with custom tokens, and two magical items.

Experience the thrill of the Sanctuary of Serpents on Roll20! Check it out now on the Roll20 Marketplace: Dungeon Crawl – Sanctuary of Serpents. Do you have what it takes for follow the path of the serpents deep into the jungle?

One-Year Anniversary is Approaching

Dragonshorn Studios’ one-year anniversary celebration is approaching! Starting February 14th, we will host a celebration of our one year in the TTRPG business. because of that, we have prepared several events and initiatives to make this time special!

Anniversary Fundraiser

From February 14th to February 28th we will be hosting a charity fundraiser! During that time, 20% of all purchases (on all storefronts we sell our products) will go to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals® and Friends of Children’s Memorial Health Institute Association charities!

We also plan to release a special commemorative product… but we will take about it when the time comes!


During the celebration, we are going to host several streams!

  • 1.5 years of 3.5e SRD (February 14th, 14ET/20CEST) – Development update stream for 3.5e SRD.
  • Let’s Play – The Hostile Takeover (February 26th, 14ET/20CEST) – Streamed session, where Rughalt will DM a game – one of Dragonshorn Studios stories – for several guests!
  • Chill out with Dragonshorn Studios (February 19th, 14ET/20CEST) – where Rughalt will be working on one of the adventures and you will be able to chat with him!

And more…?

We have other things planned for the anniversary too, but we want some of them to be a surprise… so look at our socials, discord and website!

Winter Sale 2022 on Dragonshorn Store

Winter Sale on Dragonshorn Store is on until 16 Jan 2022! Get 15% off all non-bundled products and an additional 10% off bundles (on top of base bundle discount – totaling over 30% off in some cases)!

Grab an encounter pack, and adventure, or even a whole bundle of content! Everything ready to be imported into Foundry VTT – or be played at your table!

In the Court of the Frozen Queen

A cold wind stirs, rising to a gale… a wintry storm is coming. Will you uncover the secret of Fairhaven or will you freeze to death trying in this epic adventure for characters level 2 to level 4.

Something bad must have happened in the village Fairhaven. The caravan that went there is missing, and no one from the village comes to neighboring cities. Rangers report that an abandoned tower in the mountains is being rebuilt, and those who wandered close to the city tell the story of a frozen building in the middle of the city. Ice Queen arrived – bards say, cautiously telling the tale they overheard in Fairhaven – and the valley is going to freeze.

A group of adventurers gathers in the Dragon Head inn, worried about the things they heard. They do not know what they will find in the north, but they know one thing – to save the people of the valley they must go and get an audience In the Court of the Frozen Queen.

In the Court of the Frozen Queen is a full-fledged adventure. Full of mysteries to unravel, monsters to fight, riddles to solve, and magical treasures to be found! Adventure is designed around level 2 to level 4, with an optional prologue that will bring characters from level one to level two and will introduce them to the story.

  • An epic story spanning 4 acts, worth 4 to 6 sessions of gameplay
  • 25 new maps (with walls, lights, overhead tiles – and all monsters already placed in correct positions in VTT editions)!
  • Fantastic music by Tabletop Music Bazaar and SeanMcRo, with a custom theme song for the adventure!
  • 3 new monsters, with token art!
  • 3 OGL monsters from Frog God Games and others
  • 2 new magic items

Get the Adventure

The adventure is available as a PDF book and as a Foundry VTT module. You can read more about it on the adventure page In The Court of the Frozen Queen – Dragonshorn Studios