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Hostile Takeover

A one-shot adventure for a party of 1st-level characters (with scaling provided for running at level 5)

A Crunchy Side of Business

A goblin merchant asks for help. His employees are missing and fake products are pushing his own out of the market. Everything points to Crotan’s Exsquisite Crunches… so its time to make a hostile takeover!

Help Dodger, the goblin cracker merchant, solve the case of his missing employees… and the secret behind counterfeit crackers flooding the market

For Foundry VTT

Hostile Takeover for Foundry Virtual Tabletop allows you to bring your players right into the action.

It features FVTT ready maps fully walled and lighted, interactive monster statblocks with tokens and all encounters text available as journal entries, so you do not need to use PDF at all!

Crypt of the Fallen Cult - 5e compatible PDF and Foundry VTT adventure

OGL Compatible

This adventure is based only on things found in 3.5e and 5e SRD documents and new elements introduced in the module itself.

To keep the spirit of sharing alive, all new monsters, items, and support rules are released under the OGL license – so you can use them in any way that is allowed by the license!

3.5e and 5e Ready

Story modules should not be bound to a single system. This adventure is designed to be played both with the 3.5 edition of SRD as well as with the 5th edition. It provides challenges, statblocks, and magic items tailored to your favorite edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game.