Dragonshorn Studios Second Anniversary Celebration is on!

We are celebrating the second anniversary of Dragonshorn Studios! The last two years were fantastic, like a dream come true – being able to work on TTRPG stuff and publishing adventure books and VTT modules were something that we wanted to do for a long time. 

Last year was especially good – having a successful Kickstarter for In the Court of the Frozen Queen and being at our first convention as a publisher – made us realize that our dream of making Dragonshorn Studios our full-time job is closer than we expected. Sure, the end of the year (and the beginning of this one) were difficult – life hit us hard at the end of 2022, and the beginning of 2023 brought the whole OGL drama – we are looking at the future, and it looks bright.

Starting now until February 28th, we will be hosting some events – sales, giveaways, and occasional stream where you will be able to meet us!

Anniversary Sale. We are launching a big sale on the Dragonshorn Store! You can get all our stuff for 20% off until February 28th (and yes, that includes the bundles)! 

Giveaways. We will be hosting several giveaways during the celebration! Check our social media and discord for more details and current giveaways, as Geezer has a lot of things prepared for you! 

Stream. We are planning to host some streams – we will share the details later on our social media and the Discord server!

We hope you will join us in celebrating our second anniversary. Geezer is waiting impatiently for you!

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