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No matter if you are looking for a deadly dungeon crawl to throw at the unsuspecting adventurers, or an adventure that will pit them against forces of evil, you will find what you look for here!

The dungeon crawls, encounter packs and adventures you will find here are designed so they are easy to integrate into your own stories and worlds, and always come with everything you need to easily run them.


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Free Adventure For 4th-level Characters

Dwarven Adamantine Vaults are places from legends. Said to contain uncounted riches of the ancient dwarven lords, they are nigh impenetrable, and stealing from them is said to be impossible. Only those who have the keys—now largely lost—can enter those places… and even if that is not true, those who have found other ways in will never share their secrets.

Adamantine Vault delve is a short dungeon crawl designed to be run by parties at level 4 but easy to scale for adventurers at level 6.


Our adventures will take you in fantastic places where you will fight terrifying creatures and meet unexpected allies! From simple one-shots to large, multi session adventures, you will find a story for any occasion. All adventures are available as PDF digital books (with VTT resources included) and as premium modules for Foundry and Roll20.

Dungeon Crawls

Dungeon Crawls are drop-in adventures that you can add into any of your story if you are in need of a dungeon! Designed to be easily scalable and featuring self-contained story that spices up the dungeon, they are a perfect fit for when you are in a pinch… and your players want to delve.

Encounter Packs

Our encounter packs feature drop-in scenes that you can add when your players get off the beaten path… and you don’t want to roll another 1d6 orcs to stand in their way. Every encounter is designed with a hook, provides monster tactics and leaves a trail that you can use to kickstart another adventure.

Upcoming Adventures

March 2024
Dungeon Crawl

Delve deep into the dwarven forge overrun by demons in this dungeon crawl!

April 2024
One-Shot Adventure

Answer the request of the king, take a part in court intrigue and discover who is scheming to end the lives of the royal couple... and what secret hides behind the members of the court!

May 2024
Dungeon Crawl

Visit the world-famous Amelia's Monstrous Menagerie where everyone can take a stab at being a monster hunter... and uncover the truth behind its centuries-old history and its mysterious owner!

June 2024
Dungeon Crawl

Help a young mage apprentice return to the Mage's Guild after being chased by his shield guardian... has the machine malfunctioned or is something more sisniter at play? Find the truth before its too late and save the guild from collapse!

August 2024
Encounter Pack

A set of countryside-themed encounters!

October 2024

A story that will take you for a search of a forgotten thieves guild!