Last Deaths of Summer

Uncover the secret behind mysterious illness in this adventure for 4th level characters.

A mysterious illness has fallen upon the mage living in the tower. His apprentice scrambles to find a cure and uncover his secret, but the time is running out. A creature from another plane is watching her struggle, planning its next move. Will you stop it before the summer ends?

The Last Deaths of Summer is a two-session adventure for 4th level characters with a closed story that is designed so you can drop into any campaign or play it standalone. With new and returning monsters and powerful artifacts to find, this adventure is sure to put your players on their toes.

Will they uncover the mage’s secret and save the village in time?


The Last Deaths of Summer contains the following elements:

  • 5 new maps (with day-night variants)
  • 1 new monster (returning from 3.5e to 5th edition)
  • 3 OGL monsters from Frog God Games, Spectre Creations and others –
  • 2 new magic items

Available for Major VTTs

You can get The Last Deaths of Summer, ready to play, on many different VTT platforms! Each version is prepared with a given VTT in mind so it works best and utilizes the VTT features to the fullest.

  • Foundry VTT
  • Roll20
  • Shard Tabletop
  • Encounter+