Young and Old Dragons Share the Same Stories

Our Adventures

We work on both RPG related software, such as Foundry VTT Systems and Modules, EncounterPlus modules, Shard Tabletop Books, and content for Pen and Paper and VTT editions of several classic RPG systems.

Fantastic Stories

We write, design, and publish Adventures, Encounter Packs, and Dungeon Crawls. From simple stories about getting rid of undead from the local cemetery to epic tales of saving the world from the end, you will find

Our adventures are designed and written for both 5th and 3.5 editions of world’s most popular role-playing game, and often are balanced around multiple levels of play.

VTT Ready

All our adventures are published for Foundry VTT and Roll20, with some receiving releases for Shard Tabletop and Encounter+.

We build our adventures so they can be played without referring to PDF, and so they utilize the features of the VTTs to the fullest.

Legacies of the Dragon

3.5e SRD Implementation for Foundry VTT developed and supported by Dragonshorn Studios

Legacies of the Dragon and 3.5E SRD for FVTT implement 3.5 edition of System Reference Document rules in Foundry VTT (FVTT). Fight your way through dungeons filled with Orks and Undead, fight with mighty dragons and find epic tresures buried deep in their lairs.

Most of the systems that are available in the 3.5 edition of System Reference Document are implemented, automated, and easy to use, while being flexible enough so you can use them as-is or create anything that comes to your mind.

  • Classes (with abilities)
  • Races (with abilities)
  • Feats
  • Psionics
  • Spells
  • Monsters
  • Magic Items & Enhancements
  • …and more!