Turn to Stone – Exclusive Encounter with Ori the Cartographer – June 2021

Turn to Stone is an encounter for parties at APL 6 (EL 6 in 3.5 edition), featuring a new monster for the Fifth and 3.5 editions, inspired by the map by Ori the Cartographer! Fully ready for both Foundry VTT and EncounterPlus (featuring walls, lighting, monster placed on the map and encounter as a journal entry) and Shard Tabletop (book and encounter ready to play)!

Ori the Cartographer creates fun, engaging hand-drawn maps to use with virtual tabletops! Visit and support her at her Patreon at patreon.com/orithecartographer.

Get the Encounter!

If you are a Patron you can get this Encounter as PDF, and as Foundry Tabletop Module, EncounterPlus module, and Shard Tabletop Book in June 2021 – Patreon Library of Things 

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