The Color of Light – Bonus Adventure with the MAD Cartographer – June 2021

An imp trapped in a tower offers you a great treasure if you free him – but to do that, you need to find a way to operate a mad Wizard’s machine. With weird things happening around you and the buzz of lightning bolts filling the air, you must remember that the key to all of this is the color of light.

This month we have collaborated with The MAD Cartographer on their Endless Wizard’s Tower to bring you a unique one-shot adventure! Help Upakar, an imp, get free from his prison in this color-based puzzle! Adventure features a map by The MAD Cartographer, with story, tokens and handouts provided by us!

The MAD Cartographer create fantasy-themed maps and assets – you can get dozens of new maps every month, all of which are put into their monthly themed Foundry VTT modules. You can support them at their Patreon at or visit their website for a back catalog

Get the Adventure!

The MAD Cartographer have provided us with an exclusive sample module for Foundry VTT, which has four levels of Endless Wizard’s Tower pre-built in Foundry with all the walling, lighting, and sound FX already added. 

If you are a Patron, you can get the Foundry module manifest, as well as adventure PDF, tokens, and maps in Patreon Library of Things – June 2021.

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