Rhaxir’s Lost Treasures – Adventure Reward – April and May 2022

Update 2 June 2022: PDF has landed! You can download it from the rewards page! It will probably be tweaked some (it’s missing 3.5e statblocks, but those will come soon), and FVTT/E+ module should be set up by tomorrow!

The winner of our April’s adventure poll!

A young copper dragon has been robbed and decides that you will help it recover its treasures… The task seems simple, its reward looks great… and it’s always better to be on the good side of the dragon!

Rhaxir’s Lost Treasures will be a two-session adventure for a party of 3rd (with scaling provided for running at level 5) level characters where adventurers will be able to help Rhaxir, a young copper dragon, retrieve his stolen treasure!

This post will be updated as I work on the adventure! 

As I want to test the “self-service” system you can already claim the adventure on the rewards page, and the download links will be provided when it is out!

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