Patron Poll – May Oneshot

Uh oh, I have not done a poll in ages! However, as I see the new flow works great for me – and allows me to have a lot of fun with producing content – I want to let you have some impact on the next one-shot! The titles are tentative, of course… but they should convey the theme of the adventure well enough!

The poll will run until April 30, to give me ample time to work on the adventure so it lands safely in May!

The Lost Treasures

A young copper dragon has been robbed and decides that you will help it recover its treasures… The task seems simple, its reward looks great… and it’s always better to be on the good side of the dragon!

The Spider Mines

The dwarven mining party that went down to meteorite mines never returned, and the sights of mysterious spiders are more common by the day… Some say they have seen a drow priestess come to the mountains – will you venture deep underground to uncover the truth?

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