Dungeon Crawl – Temple of the Blood God – Book Reward – April and May 2022

Rumors of the cult of the ancient Blood God grow louder after the blood moon appears over the jungle and bloody rain falls for the first time in a thousand years. An ancient temple hidden deep in the jungle may hold the answers you seek – will you risk it all to uncover it secrets?

The Temple of the Blood God is a one-shot dungeon crawl for parties at level 5 (or 9) for the 5th and 3.5 editions! Featuring new monsters and multitude of obstacles for players to overcome, it can be easily dropped in into any jungle adventure as a point of interest.


This reward was available in April and May 2022.

If you are an Blacksmith or Sculptor tier Patron, if you claimed the reward, you can get PDF and VTT version on the rewards page.

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