Patreon Tier Changes

Tl;dr: If you subscribe before the end of September, you will not be affected! You will not be forced to change tier you subscribe to, and you will retain all rewards!

Hi everyone! There are small Patreon tier changes incoming starting October! Apprentice tier comes back, and there are small pricing changes – nothing drastic though!

Apprentice Tier – $5

The Apprentice tier will reopen with a $5 USD price. It will offer access to the evergrowing encounter library, with versions available for Foundry VTT and EncounterPlus.

Blacksmith and Sculptor Tier – $10

This tier price will be bumped by $1. Nothing about the tier – access to encounters, one-shot adventure, and monthly book – is going to change.

Craftsmaster – $20

The price for this tier will be lowered. It does not offer anything special; it is for those of you that really want to support me!

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