Patreon Poll – Book Reward – August 2021

As the book for July is getting finalized (and you could already read and play with the preview), I wanted to ask you in advance what kind of material you would like to be a Book Reward for August of 2021.  There are two books I have a lot of ideas for:

Encounters Volume IV – In the Ruins of the Underearth

Underearth is a huge place, and the third volume of Encounters just scratches the surface (or the underground) of what can happen there. The fourth book will take you to the fantastical ruins, majestic structures, and abandoned temples that adventurers can find in the depths of the Underearth – and the dangers they will encounter.

A Place to Rest

A Place to Rest (tentative title) is a new idea – a book describing a city (or a village), that can give you a drop in place if your players decide that they want to look around in a city they stay in – and you have nothing prepared. It will feature a description and a map of a city, interesting places, and few encounters and small adventures to spice up the stay.

You can vote in this poll until 23 July 2021 – so I can start preparing the book in advance!

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