Blacksmith, Jeweler and Sculptor Book Reward Updates – July 2021

As the middle of the month approaches, so does the next book’s release – Encounters Vol. 3 – Dark Depths of Underearth! To keep you all in the loop, I wanted to post an update to let you know what the project’s status is!

Writing – Done

All content has been written – all encounters and supplementary materials are done.

Art – Done

Ayatee has finished drawing all art pieces – illustrations for book and tokens for VTTs (this time, they are all drawn by her!), and all stock art has also been sourced.

Maps – Done

I have finished doing all maps and variants. This time they will have a slightly different feel – one that should work equally well inside the book as well as in VTTs.

Editing – In progress

The editing process is in progress.

VTT Versions – In progress

VTT versions are currently in the works – setting everything up in Foundry VTT, Encounter+, and Shard. As this is the first time I am doing caves in that amount, I want them to look good and perform well.

Summing up

The release day is getting closer and closer. You will get a sneak peek release this weekend, with a full release coming in the next week!

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