Free Adventure – Basil the Basilisk and The Stolen Heart (5e/3.5e)

Basil the Basilisk is in despair – his only friend, a sentient iron golem, was killed by a duergar raiding party when Basil was hunting – his golem heart was stolen. Will you help Basil retrieve it and save his best friend?

Meet Basil the Basilisk (with his Iron Golem friend) – one of the mascots of Dragonshorn Studios – a companion that the party can meet during the adventures in the Underdark, and help him save his best friend in this free adventure for parties of level 3, designed for 5th and 3.5e edition.

You can find a VTT ready map and PDF attached to this post!

Installation – Foundry VTT

This adventure is distributed as a Foundry VTT module! To access it, search for it in the Foundry module browser or find it here: 

You can also install it manually using manifest file! 

Installation – Shard Tabletop

This adventure is distributed as a Shard Tabletop! To access it, go to Shard Marketplace and claim it for free here: 

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