Feathered Bow – Ayatee’s Artifacts

This simple, wooden bow has a number of colorful feathers attached to the ends of the arc, and its bowstring makes no noise when shooting.

You gain a +1 bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls made with this weapon. 

Bird song. Three times per day, you can pull a feather from the bow and attach it to your arrow. When shot from the Feathered Bow, the arrow will make a sound that mimics a sound of a bird from the following list: Owl, Hawk, Rooster, and Cuckoo.

The sounds are indistinguishable from the real ones unless the creature hearing it succeeds on DC 15 Intelligence (Investigation) check.

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If you are a Patron you can get additional versions of this item: poker cards sized images, and as Foundry Tabletop and Encounter+ modules in a separate post.

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