Dragonshorn Item Browser

Dragonshorn Item Browser is a special module that allows you to easily browse and use items released by Dragonshorn Studios during the game. All Patreon magic items released as a part of Ayatee’s Artifact series are included in the browser, as well as magic items from encounters starting with Duel Under the Cherry Blossom.

How to use

After installing the module, a new button, “Encounter Items,” will appear in the Items directory. After opening the browser, you can browse free items that are included with the module. You can drag them and open them as if they were in a compendium!

To access Patreon locked items, go to module options and enter your Patreon Key. You can find your Patreon key on Patreon rewards page at https://rewards.dragonshorn.com.


Install the Dragonshorn Item Browser using its manifest URL.

Manifest URL: https://www.dragonshorn.com/items/get-browser.json

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