Ayatee’s Small Treasury – Free Items

Welcome to Ayatee’s Small Treasury, a free, bite-sized supplement featuring ten magic items for the 5th and 3rd editions! All items in this supplement were previously featured in our materials, but just for this release, Ayatee gave them a new coat of paint – with fully custom art!

We are also providing the items in VTT format – for Foundry VTT as part of our new Dragonshorn Item Browser module and, soon, for Encounter+!

Foundry VTT and Encounter+ Versions

You can get access to the items by installing Dragonshorn Items Browser. For more information about the browser here. The items are included for free in the module, so check it out!

Encounter+ version will be released at a later date (we are still building a good way to distribute them easily!).

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