Update – Small release shift and new content

As you know, the last months have been busy! Kickstarter, a lot of content, and some things that took more time than they should (updates to Foundry and related changes in all my workflows).

New Monthly Content: Ayatee’s Artifacts

As you may have seen, we have started adding magical items to the mix! We are starting small, with one or two items per month, but we hope you all will have fun with them, just as much as we have drawing them (Ayatee) and designing rules around them (me)!

Release Shift

Because of the work on the updated version of In the Court of the Frozen Queen that I really want to finish before the end of October, there will be no “large release” in October – I am moving that to November/December slot. However, to make it up for you, you will all get 25 Dragonshorn Rewards Store credits – that is enough for one book, and there will be a small delve too!

So, the reward schedule for the next months is as follows:

  • October: Encounters, items, oneshot (delve) + 25 Dragonshorn Rewards Store credits
  • November/December and following two-month cycles: Encounters, items, oneshot, book.


Credits are added to your Rewards account, so you can grab things from the Rewards Store!

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