The Number of the Bat – Exclusive Encounter with Stained Karbon Maps – July 2021

A weird bat laughing in the middle of the jungle tells you that if you solve his puzzle, you will get rewarded. Will you believe the creature and open the secret temple door?

The Number of the Bat is a non-combat encounter for parties at APL 4 (but can be run for party at any level), with a special, Maya numerals-based puzzle, on a Jungle Ruins Waterfall map by Stained Karbon Maps!

Stained Karbon Maps creates fun, engaging, and colorful maps to use with virtual tabletops! Visit and support them at their Patreon at

Get the Encounter!

If you are a Patron you can get this Encounter as PDF, and as Foundry Tabletop and Encounter+ modules here – Patreon Library of Things for July 2021.

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