The Mana Scourge – Exclusive Oneshot – June 2021

An apprentice that asked you to help him deal with a golem blocking his way and escort him to a wizarding university is found dying on the school ground. Will you save him and uncover the secret behind the mysterious attack?

The Mana Scourge is a one-shot adventure for parties at level 8 for the 5th and 3.5 editions, featuring a new monster full set of custom tokens and maps by Venatus Maps!

Get the Adventure!

If you are a Patron you can get this Encounter as PDF (with maps and tokens), and as Foundry Tabletop and Encounter+ modules here – Patreon Library of Things for July 2021.

Venatus Maps

Venatus Maps creates fantastic maps, tokens, and assets for use in both VTT and for print! Subscribe to them so you can get five beautiful maps and/or asset packs a month (with grid/non-grid and VTT variants), 12 tokens, and Foundry VTT integration!

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