The Cold Death – Exclusive Oneshot – June 2021

Pilgrims going to pray in an ancient burial site went missing, and their frozen bodies were found hidden in one of the mounds. Rumors of mysterious hooded figures appearing on the gravesite spread among villagers. Will you uncover the mystery of the Burial Mounds, or will you suffer a cold death?

The Cold Death is a one-shot adventure for parties at level 5 for the 5th and 3.5 editions, featuring a new monster with unique token and graphics by our own Ayatee and incredible cartography by Tom Cartos!

Get the Adventure!

If you are a Patron you can get this Adventure as PDF, and as Foundry Tabletop Module, EncounterPlus module, and Shard Tabletop Book in June 2021 – Patreon Library of Things

About Tom Cartos

Tom Cartos creates highly detailed, multi-level battlemaps for TTRPGs. Use the high resolution pre-made maps for an extra level of atmosphere and  immersion in your games, or try out the “creation mode” packs of unfurnished maps and assets to reimagine each setting for your specific needs. Sign up now at for access to more than 1500 battlemaps, 7000 assets, Character Tokens, Adventures, Foundry VTT modules and more!

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