Scorching Heat – Exclusive Encounter – August 2021

A ground trembles and a cavern starts to fall around you. A burst of rocks flies past you, and a rocky snake, glowing with heat, jumps out to attack!

Scorching Heat is a simple combat encounter for parties at APL 2 (EL 2 in 3.5 edition), introducing a classic monster from 3rd edition back to 5th edition!

Updated Encounter Browser for FVTT!

This release also brings a final – for now – version of the encounter browser! It allows you to access encounters from encounter packs that support it quickly. Browser is currently Encounters I-IV and August Patreon Library of Things.

Get the Encounter!

If you are a Patron you can get this Encounter as PDF, and as Foundry Tabletop and Encounter+ modules here – Patreon Library of Things for August 2021.

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