Magical Earrings – Ayatee’s Artifacts – August/September 2022

“You know that casting spells on a ball is a no-go?” asked her friend as they were preparing to leave, “How can you be so sure you will know he is lying?”. “This earring will tell me,” she answered, presenting a small, golden scale. “And no one will try to question lady’s sense of style, right”?

Magical earrings are not items of incredible power–they often provide only a fraction of the magic other kinds of magical items bestow. They are, however, inconspicuous and can be worn in nearly any social setting – be it a ball in the king’s palace or a trial in the court. In this small supplement, you can find simple rules for introducing earrings into your game, as well as creating new earrings.

Below you can find Patreon exclusive PDF of the supplement.

Foundry VTT and Encounter+ Versions

VTT Versions will be available after Foundry V10 is released (as both of them are based on one item definition). This post will be updated after the module is released.

Why not now?

New version of Foundry introduces a lot of background/data related changes, and I want the items module to be as good and future-proof as possible, so the module will be developed after Foundry V10 stable releases.

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