Blacksmith and Sculptor Book Reward Teaser – September 2021

Coldstorm Valley is in Danger

Something bad must have happened in the village Fairhaven. The caravan that went there is missing, and no one from the village comes to neighboring cities. Rangers report that an abandoned tower in the mountains is being rebuilt, and those who wandered close to the city tell the story of a frozen building in the middle of the city. Ice Queen arrived – bards say, cautiously telling the tale they overheard in Fairhaven – and the valley is going to freeze.

A group of adventurers gathers in the Dragon Head inn, worried about the things they heard. They do not know what they will find in the north, but they know one thing – to save the people of the valley they must go and get an audience In the Court of the Frozen Queen.

Fully Fledged Adventure

In the Court of the Frozen Queen is a full-fledged adventure. Full of mysteries to unravel, monsters to fight, riddles to solve, and magical treasures to be found!

Adventure is designed around level 2 to level 4, with an optional prologue that will bring characters from level one to level two and will introduce them to the story.

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