A Stinking Problem – Free Encounter – December 2021

A terrible stench is coming from the sewers in one of the city alleys… will you be brave enough to go down there and deal with the stinking problem of the city?

A Stkinking Problem is a combat (or social) encounter for parties at APL 4 (EL 4 in 3.5 edition)!

Foundry Module

To install this encounter in Foundry VTT, install Dragonshorn Encounter Browser first (see instructions here). Then open Encounter Browser and enter the following code to download the encounter.

Code: a-stinking-problem-mn90ad

Warning: This encounter uses new lighting and is compatible only with Foundry version 9.

EncounterPlus Module

EncounterPlus module is attached to this post! Download it and open in EncounterPlus to install.

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