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The Tainted Temple - 5e compatible PDF and Foundry VTT adventure

Archivist’s Tome – The Tainted Temple

A one-shot, puzzle-focused dungeon crawl for parties at level 6 (or 3) for the 5th and 3rd editions of D&D and Pathfinder Second Edition

Beneath the ever-expanding Lonehaven cemetery lies a forgotten secret, a temple dedicated to Ikara Der, the god of death and decay. Silent Brother Altos, an enigmatic priest, unearths this buried legacy from a cryptic manuscript, disappearing into the temple’s shadowy embrace to reawaken its dormant power.

With every passing moon, a sinister transformation grips Lonehaven. The dead rise from their graves, travelers vanish without a trace, and prayers to Ilumna grow ominously faint. The eerie occurrences whisper a single, chilling truth: the grip of Ikara Der tightens around Lonehaven. As the cult thrives once more, will anyone rise to challenge the encroaching darkness?

Uncover the secrets of the Tainted Temple and navigate its vile rituals to get to the heart of the cult – and destroy it!

Archivist’s Tome – The Tainted Temple For Foundry VTT

Archivist Tome – The Tainted Temple for Foundry Virtual Tabletop allows you to bring your players right into the action.

It features FVTT ready maps fully walled and lighted, interactive monster statblocks with tokens and all encounters text available as journal entries, so you do not need to use PDF at all!

Tainted Temple - 5e and PF2 compatible PDF and Foundry VTT adventure

OGL Compatible

This adventure is based only on things found in 3.5e and 5e SRD, and Pathfinder Second Edition SRD documents and new elements introduced in the module itself.

To keep the spirit of sharing alive, all new monsters, items, and support rules are released under the OGL license – so you can use them in any way that is allowed by the license!

Multi-System Adventure

Story modules should not be bound to a single system. This adventure is designed to be played both with the 5th edition, 3rd edition of SRD as well as with the Pathfinder Second Edition edition. It provides challenges, statblocks, and magic items tailored to your favorite edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game.